GAUNGDELI SHOE MATERIAL CO.,LTD, Founded in 1999 is a modern izedent enprise,specializing in needle-punched non-woven fabrics,skid-resistant non-woven fabrics,unwoven imitation leather,artificial leather and related base fabrics,napping cloths and high-grade toepuffs,etc.

With strong technical force and advanced equipment,the company owns 8 automated assembly lines,including international advanced level high-speed needle devices and first-class vulcanized finishing equipment,etc.The annualoutput of Guangdeli company reaches over 150 million square meters,which makes the company become the first.Always adhering to the tenet of "quality first,credit standing paramountcy",

不织布仿里皮 皮革基布(针刺无纺布) 化学片 片割磨纱仿里皮
双面磨砂仿里皮 PU擦跟鞋里革(水性PU透气革) 起绒无纺布 不织布仿里皮
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